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Columbine United Church is a Christ-centered, theologically open, ecumenical congregation where faith and life meet.


As a community, we value unconditional positive regard, the process of life-long faith development, the joyful sharing of resources, and the actualizing of our divine potential.


We believe the scripture is inspired by God, and God continues to speak through it.  We take the scriptures seriously, not literally.

Because we believe that all God’s children are full participants in the Body of Christ, we encourage the full participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in the life of our church.  At CUC, our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters, and siblings are fully involved in congregational life. We’re often asked if we support and perform same-sex marriages, and the answer is, OF COURSE! We also intentionally provide opportunities for LGBTQ+ persons to guide us through our leadership. 


Our vision is that all people seeking a relationship with God can come to Columbine United Church and find a welcoming community that will accept them, care for them, provide the means by which they can explore, and celebrate their relationship with God, and be challenged to live their faith in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.


The Mission of Columbine United Church is to inspire and sustain a faith-driven church environment where members, friends, and seekers of all ages may explore and develop their personal relationship with God. We seek to grow our faith through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the study of scripture, critical thought and theological exploration, and in fellowship with others, regardless of racial, ethnic or religious background, gender, or sexual orientation.

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