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At CUC, we believe in lifelong learning and development of your faith. Come with your thoughts and questions--they are welcome here.


Sunday Life Group

9:40am-10:20am on Sundays (in-person)

While our faith journey varies from one person to another, several unifying themes form the basis: (1) The Bible is the shared document of Christianity. Although different interpretations are possible, a better understanding of the Bible informs our thinking about both our own faith and the other manifestations of Christianity in our society. (2) Spiritual practices enrich our understanding of ourselves and the divine. These spiritual practices include prayer and meditation, and less well-known practices such as walking a labyrinth. (3) Living the Christian Life should be our goal. What does that mean for each person? Is Faith more than a Creed? Will they know we are Christians by our Love?

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Faith Forum

10:00am–11:30am on Tuesdays (in-person)

Topics vary each year, based on class suggestions/interests. About half of the topics concern the Bible. At CUC we take the Bible seriously, although not always literally. We believe that God speaks through the scriptures. God transforms people when they engage scripture. Other topics have included racism, immigration, and books by various authors. Newcomers welcome!

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