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We are so excited that you are considering joining Columbine United Church! Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get comfortable with us.


When are the services?

We host an 8:30am traditional service and a 10:30am contemporary service.

How long is a service?

Services are each about 50-60 minutes long.

What should I wear?

Everyone is dressed differently. Most men have on jeans and a polo or short-sleeved button up. Some men and women wear shorts and sandals. Some women like to wear big Sunday hats. We’re a mix-matched bunch, so it’s hard to stick out!


Does CUC embrace LGBTQ+ people?

Columbine is a radically inclusive congregation. If you’re LGBTQI+ you are welcome here. You are welcome, your partner is welcome, your children are welcome, and your friends are welcome. You are an integral and important part of our congregation. Our leadership is comprised of LGBTQI+ individuals. We believe in your presence, your voice, and your leadership.

What will my kids do?

We have a nursery open and available for children and their parents as needed. We are able to stream the service into the nursery. However, kids are always welcome into worship! There is also Sunday school for pre-K-5th grade during the 10:30am service.


Outside of Sundays, have youth group for 6-12th graders on Sunday evenings, as well as children’s ministry outings. See the Children’s Ministry page or Youth Ministry page for more information.

How often is communion?

We do communion once a month using wafers and small communion cups.


We have a coffee station to the right of our sanctuary, can’t miss it! We serve coffee all morning.

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