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AT CUC, we value and celebrate disability! From staff members with disabilities to a constant focus on accessibility, we are always working to welcome every member of our community. 


We have an ADA-compliant automatic door on the front of our building that is operated using a button. The bathrooms between Biel Hall and the Sanctuary also have doors that operate this same way. Each bathroom has an accessible stall, which includes grab bars. 

The building's lower level can be accessed by elevator, and the administrative side of the building is accessed via a ramp. The building's back deck is also accessed via a ramp, or through a door from Biel Hall.


Please note that the main stage of the Sanctuary does have two steps. Accommodations will be made for individuals being baptized or doing readings during service.


For those who need it, our church has a Hearing Assistance System. Additionally, our services are livestreamed with closed captioning. If needed, individuals are welcome to play the stream (without sound) while in the service to follow along using the provided captioning. All of our livestream videos can also be accessed after the service via YouTube or our Facebook page, both of which also have captioning options. 


We can provide fidgets and sensory toys if needed; they are kept at the Welcome Desk and can be accessed by an usher.


We also have a quiet area across from the Sanctuary with a monitor that plays the service. If someone feels overwhelmed or needs a moment away from the service, this is a great option. 


Service animals are welcome so long as they meet qualifications outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. 


We are happy to provide budling tours during our business hours! These are available to anyone, and can be especially helpful to individuals needing to experience the space before a Sunday visit. 


The temperature of the main Sanctuary is fairly neutral, but for those who are sensitive to the cold, we recommend bringing a sweater. 


If you have any specific needs or questions, please feel free to contact our front desk. 

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