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We are sorry for your recent loss. Columbine United Church staff and pastors are available to assist you and your family in your time of grief. We hope that the information in this document will be helpful as you plan a funeral or memorial service. The ministers and staff of CUC will assist you to design the kind of ceremony that will be meaningful to you, your family, and your friends.


When you host your memorial or funeral at Columbine United, we provide the following:

Building Usage: The use of the Sanctuary (seats 300), Lobby, Chapel and Reception Hall are available for your service and/or reception.


Officiant: You may choose an officiant that is on staff at CUC, or you may employ the services of your own officiant. The pastor will meet with the family to design the service, coordinate with other staff members, and prepare and lead the service.


Music Director: The Director of Music meets with the Pastors, prepares music, coordinates all technical aspects of the service, and performs the music for the service. You may also choose to have a soloist perform at the service for additional fee; we have many talented professional associates to recommend. If you have a musician that you would like to bring in for the service, we ask that they coordinate with our Music Director at least 48 hours before the service.


Sound Technician: The Sound Technician performs the final editing (if necessary) of your memorial video, and manages the sound, technology, and recording of your loved one’s service. We do not have a DVD player in the sanctuary, so we ask that video files be provided on a flash drive in a .mov or .mp4 format and are made available to our technician at least 24 hours before your service.


Reception: Loved ones may choose to host a reception following the service that gives family and friends time to visit. Columbine can provide space for a reception along with basic refreshments of coffee, tea, and water (schedule permitting). If loved ones wish to provide refreshments, the Communications Coordinator will be happy to provide recommendations about caterers. All arrangements should be discussed prior to the event in order to accommodate set up and delivery.


Fees: Our fees are $1,000 for members of Columbine United Church, and $1,500 for non-members. This pays for the space, an officiant, tech support, and piano or organist.


Payment: Fees may be paid in one check, payable to Columbine United Church, or we can accept a credit card. All fees are due at the time that you schedule the service. Reimbursement for food and beverage expenses for the reception are due at the conclusion of your event, and receipts will be provided.

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