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CUC is an open, welcoming community for everyone. Cowboy, hipster, gay, straight, traditional, contemporary, young, young-at-heart, or somewhere outside any of these labels – you will find CUC’s a place with open arms, ready to embrace you just as you are. We strive to be a place where real life meets an everyday faith that makes sense and makes a difference.

Feel and experience the energy and community at CUC – experience the connection that families are finding in our children and youth ministries, the meaning individuals are discovering through our worship, service, and mission projects, and the friendships that transform life in our small groups and Christian education classes!

Our vision is that all who seek a relationship with God will come to Columbine United Church and find light, love, and friends for their spiritual journey. We invite you to come as you are to the CUC community. One that accepts, nurtures, listens, and inspires. One that offers many opportunities to explore and celebrate growing healthy relationships with God, self, and others that are shaped by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Embracing the spirit of this vision encourages a life bright with purpose, participation, fellowship, and giving. It is a life abundant with the adventure of growing together in faith.

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