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BETWEEN - A New Project Is Launching

Introducing a new way to explore your spiritual side… BETWEEN is coming soon!

What if there was a simple but meaningful place online that welcomed everyone? What if we connected with thousands of people all over the globe to explore faith and life? What if the most sacred space in our lives was the space between us and other people?


Far too many people are lonely. Far too many people don’t have a way to connect with others around ideas of faith, spirituality, and the important stuff of life. We’re helping to create “the most open church on earth.” A digital way for thousands of people all over the globe to feel connected. 
We want to invite you to be among the first people to participate in BETWEEN (which officially launches to the public on January 1, 2023). Take these very important steps right now to be on the early adoption team.

Welcome to BETWEEN!

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